Why Choose us?

UIT Techno Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.., (UITS) started operations in July 2015. The primary business of the company is direct marketing of IT products and services to the Business market in India. The company has a division called the IT products division that focuses on the opportunity of distributing IT products to its customers. UITS sales and Service staff is very well trained on different product technologies. To aid the sales and Service staff with the ever increasing scope of product applications and technical knowledge, UITS has a unique internal system where in product specialists populate the system with all the product attributes that the product may have and this information is online available to all the sales staff while selling so that no mistakes are made in product information dissemination.
                In addition to IT products and services, UITS is leveraging the investments made in technology and the E-Commerce solution by expanding into the business of Office Supplies and increase its reach beyond local boundaries. IT products being technical in nature, UITS provides both pre sales consultative and post-sales support to customers for the products that the customers procure from UITS. The services include post sales warranty support, for which UITS has back to back arrangements with principals, facility management services, Network design and implementation, product selection services, estimation and sizing of configuration required by customers for their applications and security and messaging set up and maintenance services
                To service the complex needs of its customers, UITS has developed a competent and qualified team of professionals. This team operates as a separate business entity called the IT services division. This team focuses on the revenues emanating from servicing the customers acquired by the IT products division.
                 The service revenues come from AMC contracts, Facility Management services, contracts for providing services like security services, Network design and the sales of add-on products and options etc. This division also handles the product sales and business relationships with all the Networking companies UITS is driven with a passion to make effective use of technology to conduct its business effectively with its customers and to manage the relationships. For this purpose UITS worked along with Anderson Consulting to build a business model, which though relevant to UITS is general purpose and can be adapted into a product.